Colourful and Intriguing graphic images

At Palm Print Works we create playful and sort after unique graphic images and apply them to Tee Shirts and other garments you will want to wear.

To navigate directly to a particular area just go to the drop down menus in the top navigation bar. the little down arrows indicate there is more categories to select for specific areas like “Women’s or Children’s garments etc. When I get the links operating properly you will also be able to “Ctrl” + click on the image on any page to see all the details and possible size and style options for the product on its page. So stay tuned for that upgrade soon.

If you cannot find a design, size, colour or tee shirt style that you would like, please just go to our contact section and send a message with your contact details and we will happily work with you to try and find a solution.

We work with several image transfer methods, so depending on the number required, we can cover many variations for your needs.

However just remember some of our images have several pages to cover sizes so if you are looking in the children’s section but want it in a ladies Tee Shirt style please switch to the other page for the right one.

Macleay island Celtic Dolphins
Celtic Dolphins at Play in Moreton Bay Queensland