Custom Graphic Design and Tee Shirt Printing.

Palm Print Works creating unique and intriguing graphic images and printing them on Tee Shirts, you will want to wear them everywhere.

Our motto is “Helping to make you look good”.

We design playful, unique, and interesting graphic images that we put on our Tee Shirts so that you will impress, whenever you wear them.

Everything is done in house, which means we can make individual garment designs without a lot of fuss.

New designs are happening all the time so remember to swing back and check them out regularly.

If you cannot find a design, size, etc. for the garment you are looking for, simply go to our contact section and send a detailed message of your requirements with your contact details. We are happy to work with you to try and find a solution.

We work with several image transfer methods, so depending on the order requirement, we can cover many variations for your needs.

Some images have several pages to cover sizes. So if you are looking in the children’s section but want it in a ladies’ Tee Shirt style or size.
Switch over to the appropriate page to place an order with the correct drop-down lists.

We would also love to get feedback from you on what you thought of our designs etc. The contact page can be reached through this link.
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