Curiosity and how to escape the daily work grind and the rat race.

Why would you quit your job and head for the hills or in my case a sub tropical island.


Most of us need a heart starter in the morning, some of us even need a coffee or two to brave the outside world.

I was struggling with this very principle when I realised the company I was working for neither appreciated what I was doing or really cared if I was happy doing it.
So I formulated my Palm Print Works escape plan to get out of the grinding rat race I called work.

Some 12 months later I am happy to say we have arrived and are now doing very well in our new island home.
The natives may not be rioting and restless these days, but neither am I, as we watch another brilliant sunset, away from the madness we left behind in the city.

I have been sending encouraging photos to my work colleagues, who often reply with distinct sartorial wit.

After sending supportive happy snaps to my work colleagues there is often a flurry of communications about what I am missing out on.
I do not miss the endless and relentless meetings and all in company indoctrination sessions to encourage us to stand in line like goood little chooks.

All The Fish

Curiosity fulfilled, it was Great Guys but I really have to go now.

Thank you Guys and Girls for “the encouragement” and you’re most welcome. ( How do you find the tongue in cheek emoticon?)
Come and visit us as soon as you can, we will be happy to show you the delights of island life.

ciao Bronwyn and thanks for all the fish.

PS The water is fine. Well most days, but I can live with that.