Celtic symbol for Strength

There have been many Celtic runes and artefacts found around the world and if you look far enough back you may even find you have some Viking heritage in your family tree.

A dead give away is any one in your family with some red or blonde hair. The Vikings were a very proud and adventurous people.

They visited and sometimes colonised far and distant lands trading with native peoples.

Friendship Symbols
There are many different symbols that connote friendship — from interlinked hearts to friendship arrows and other symbols originating from all over the world. These symbols engraved on jewelry or worn as part of a tattoo all mean the same thing: camaraderie, loyalty and all the other traits and characteristics of friendship. Below are some of these symbols most commonly used and given to friends.
Friendship is one of the most divine relationships on earth. It carries the essence of all other relations. A friend can be caring like a mother, strict like a father, possessive like a brother, affectionate like a sister and shower loads of love like a lover. In fact, life is incomplete without friends. For the longest time, symbols have been a way of expressing friendship.

Speaking concerning symbolical language dates back to the Victorian era, some even say it goes back even further. Back in that era expressing emotions with symbols became a popular style among people. Love and friendship are one of the most common symbolically expressed feelings. Men and women over decades throughout the world have relied upon symbols to represent their unsaid words and feelings. Each kind of emotion has a particular set of symbols to express the various levels of that specific emotion.

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