These Drawings came about from a number of people asking for Curlew images.

After a number of years, I capitulated and drew these two in pen and the final one in watercolour and ink.



Curlews Custom Tee Shirts

The Macleay Island Curlews are more correctly Bush Stone Curlews.

They are found on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and southeast Queensland  Regions.

When Bush Stone-curlews are nearby you may hear their eerie, high-pitched wailing at night. This ghost-like call is their contact call and may be given by several birds in a chorus. Rendered as weer-lo, it is repeated four or five times, sometimes culminating in a trilled, screeching crescendo.

It is sometimes also heard during the day, when stone-curlews are usually inactive, standing quietly in the shade with their eyes half-closed, or squatting on the ground where their cryptic plumage makes them difficult to see among the leaf litter.

Curlew Drawing
Curlew in Watercolour

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