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Celtic Trinity Symbol

The Vikings or Celtic peoples left many artefacts around the then known world because they travelled more than any other group in past times.
They worshiped gods and believed in the afterlife in a place called Valhalla.

The iconic Celtic trinity symbol a.k.a. the trinity knot or triquetra (try-KET-ra) has been a revered symbol in Ireland for centuries.
The trinity represents the
Power of Three, a spiritual law that says (among other things).
It is said when three entities combine powers, they increase their power far greater than three times.
The Trinity Symbol is often shown as a knot or sculpted symbol, believed to represent  many things including the 3 Nordic gods.

I have redrawn and coloured this one from many similar ones I have studied from various places.

This symbol jumps out when on either a black or white garment.



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