Celtic Inspired Designs

The Celts spread throughout western Europe arriving in Britain, Ireland, in the 12 century. the Celtic nations are generally considered to be Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and Brittany.

However brutal the time may have been they contributed some fabulous designs that can be seen all around the world and it is these that have inspired the designs on this page.

Many of the designs look terrific on various coloured tee shirts.
We do also have the option of using a design of your choice. Simply get in touch and we will help work through the details with you directly. info@palmprint.com.au

Celtic Red Knot
Celtic Dolphins in the surf
Celtic Square
Tree of Life
Little Terrier in Blue
Eye of Horus
Celtic Tree of Life in blue
Celtic Symbol for Strength and Courage
Eye of Horus White Tee Shirt
Seahorse in Deep Thought