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Our Graphic design team is happy to help you creation a company logo or design to be applied to your company tee shirts or protective work-wear.  

With the resent inclusion of a vinyl cutting machine we can now make many new items from “A” Frame to vehicle signs and much more. 

Simply contact us by using the completed contact the form and we will be in touch to show you mock ups of the required articles or garments.  Contact Us

The Tee Shirt Logo for a local training Organisation
This is the logo we created for one of the local painters
Image printed on the 2020 Kindergarten tee shirts
The Dotted Line Team in the new studios at Upwey
Local Macleay Island Tee Shirt
A re-created British motorcycle poster c1960

Business Cards


Graphic Design Team


New Vinyl Cutting Machine

The recent addition of a versatile sign and letter cutting machine will enable you to have your company logo applied to your vehicles, shop front, or a handy sandwich board to put up when at a market or painting a client’s premises.

All you have to do is think of an application? We will do the rest.

3MDR Radio Station Logo
cutter design

Office Hours (Generally)

9:00 to 4:00 Monday to Friday

However, we can also be found at the Macleay Island Lions Community Market
1st Saturday of the month

Phone: 0438 278 230



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