Music related images are found here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE. The default color is generally as shown in the picture, however other colours are available. Standards  are Black, White and Grey), For additional colours please write in the note the color that you want in the bottom of the order form when you submit an order, if there is no note written, we will send the default color as shown in the order page.  This t-shirt is Made To Order, one by one printed so we can control the quality. We use the newest DTG Technology to print on Fair Trade garments.

The Dark Wall
Just Pluck Me
For the Guitarists
Keep Calm
Little Red Rooster
When the Gig is NOT going Well
David RIP
Take Me To Your Weeder
Bones the bass player
Celtic Dolphins
Celtic Dolphins
Albert in Headphones
Head full of stars
Head Full of Stars
Lets do it your way
Skull Bandid
Beam Me Up
Feet on Fire
Just to Pay the Bills
Drinks at the piano ar

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We have a lot of images in various colours to compliment the tee shirt.
So If you find one you like but not with the correct colour or size contact us directly so we can advise you of the possibilities and get your order happening without any additional hiccups

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