French Provincial Bicycle


The French Provincial Bicycle Tee Shirt comes in many colours, however, due to the complexities of websites, it is impossible to list all the possibilities in size and colour on this website.

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French Provincial Bicycle

The French Provincial Bicycle drawing created here reminds me of the vehicles used by members of the french resistance fighting the war.

It came about when I need a bicycle for a painting and is a very simple version that also works well as a graphic on a tee shirt.

In my view, this image has a french provincial feel to it and looks good on a variety of colored tee shirts as I have tried to show.

The French provincial decorating style is a reflection of the homes in Provence in the South of France in the 17th and 18th centuries.

I always think of colors inspired by the landscape with sprawling farmhouse kitchens with stone floors and rough plastered walls. This is the feeling I get from just this little snippet of drawing.

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