“Swaggie” Watercolour Painting


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During the Great Depression of the 1930s, Men often were forced to look for work on outback stations or wherever they could find it.

This painting is a watercolor and ink tribute to the people of the time and tries to show how hard life was last century. Families were left to fend for themselves with poverty everywhere. If you had any job you considered your self very well off.

The Depression, started by the October 1929 Wall Street stock market crash.  This hit the Australian economy with great severity. Unemployment, was 21% by mid-1930 and rising, hitting almost 32% in mid-1932. The NSW Government had borrowed heavily for public works, also had the highest level of public expenditure in Australia because of social services payments. In 1930 the budget rapidly went from a surplus to a deficit greater than all the other Australian states put together.

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